Orb Of Eyes

In the new world where humans are condemned to darkness, the story begins with a girl searching for beauties of the world. Like burning a butterfly in the candle, the girl's madness shone brightly at sunrise shines and blend her vision with light and reaches the world behind her eyes facing your eyes. Enjoy the world you are living in.

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The Orb Of Eyes

Hi, I'm Mia. This letter is for you. It is not an honor to see the world in different ways than you do, but the exciting thing is that I have lost the light of my eyes out of great love for the sun. I looked at the sun on a hill for three days and nights. I do not know if you have felt its beauty or not. The world was more beautiful than I realized. Now I live in the darkness behind my eyes. I've found a way to see the colors and beauties of the world. I lie on the same hill and look at the sun, but there is nothing but black. Inspired by the beauty of the backlight of my life, I make strange designs that have finished the beauty of life. I am proud to be blind since I can see.

See the beauties behind my eyes.

- Mia

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How Orb Of Eyes Made?


Orb Of Eyes is a limited edition series of 100 algorithmically & mathematically generated NFTs existing on the Ethereum Blockchain created by Mahdi Bordo using javascript. Each artwork is a unique, generative NFT, its attributes determined based on randomly seeded values. Every NFT is hosted permanently on the web.


One day after a long work, I went to rest on the couch in front of the window, and the sun was shining. I closed my eyes, and strange geometric designs were created subconsciously. It was so beautiful that I went to my office to make them.


- Java Script (P5.js)
- Geometrical Shapes
- Mathematical Rules
- Colors
- Random() Numbers
- Music
- Feeling


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