Mahdi Bordo

Programmer Artist • Generative Art

My name is Mahdi Bordo, 23 years old, and I'm a recent computer science graduate. I'm an experienced software engineer who constantly seeks innovative solutions to everyday problems. In my seven years in this industry, I've honed my analytical thinking and collaboration skills, and I love working with a team.

Foundation.app Opensea.io Gentophile.art
  • Orb Of Eyes #001
  • Orb Of Eyes #001
  • Orb Of Eyes #001

Who is Mahdi?

How did he start?

Buying a laptop for Mahdi at the age of seven made him very interested in the world of computers. He played games at a young age and loved searching for system files. Sometimes, out of curiosity and cluttering, he deleted files from drive C. He had to reinstall Windows on his computer repeatedly. Although at that time, the convenience of using the Internet was not as easy as today, his search was because of his love devoted to learning the computer world with Dial-up and Internet cards. At 7-8, he entered to Facebook world and mined some bitcoins! A few years later, at the age of 13, he created an Apple and Technology News website. His popular site gave him an incentive to add more features to it, such as selling apps, modded versions of games, and so on. While doing valuable work for a company in the same years, he received a MacBook Pro as a gift. He came up with the idea of ​​writing apps for Apple. After activities at the age of 17, he created a program with the idea of ​​the advanced telegram app for iOS, the sales strategy of which was interesting. In a way, the app's price was higher for high-priced devices than for low-priced devices. The project sold for around $100,000. From those years, he decided to become more independent and live alone. At 18, he started learning more different programming languages ​​such as PHP and JS. He mostly learns independently, although he also studies at the university.

Hardships of life

At the age of 22, he was diagnosed with leukemia. A month after his birthday, he found out that he had this problem due to constant fatigue and excessive sleep. He was hospitalized and under the supervision of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and... He was still learning to program. And now, at the age of 23, he goes to chemotherapy once a month. He also resumes logo design, UI, UX, Telegram Robot, Front, and successful web design for several organizations and works as a freelancer. He could not do anything for a few months due to the pressure of illness. Still, after making an important decision on his 23rd birthday, after understanding the NFT world, he decided to focus on this fascinating world. He started researching and gathering information in this field. He entered the world of nft with the idea of ​​making eye-catching designs. His first project was regular math irregularities in the Opensea store. His second project in Cardano blockchain was Gentophile , which was a great success.


His third project is Orb of Eyes, on the Foundation. He does not believe in despair and finds it ridiculous. Mahdi loves the Generative art style, And he believes that he is doing precisely what he loves and loves doing. His hobbies include smoking weed, working on projects, learning new things with coffee, and boxing at home. He is practically pursuing his day-to-day progress in the world of nft blockchain meta-cryptocurrency. His goals are considerable, and the various successful projects in this field. Every day he works with his team to produce 2D and 3D content designs. They are working on bigger and bigger projects

When they call you crazy, remember that great ideas don't come from average minds.